3 Brilliant Marketing Tactics for Your Ecommerce Website

For those who want to attract more traffic to their ecommerce website, there are some tools that can help. If you start today you can find more customers and get more visitors to your online store. There are some tools and tactics you can use to get customers to complete the purchase. They include sending emails out to the subscriber list and triggering a special discount for those who are about to exit the store. You can implement these ideas one by one and then evaluate the results to find out which one works the best.

Upsell Products

Often people hesitate in buying a product because they do not like the quality or are not convinced on whether or not the product is good enough. In such situations it works well to upsell the product on your ecommerce website. The upselling involves introducing the customer to a slightly more expensive product by advertising it to be much superior to the product they were considering. Either it is made of a better material or has an additional feature the other one does not have. Make sure you highlight the difference and make it sound way better than the other option.

Integrate Instagram

You can add the right hashtags use the best filters and post on peak times but you still might not be able to master Instagram unless you engage the customers. You should get the audience to interact by regularly holding competitions, run campaigns and show them the behind-the-scenes. The Instagram should also promote user content to get people to advertise your brand for free. This demonstrates to other viewers that you are consumer-oriented brand and the reviews from other people will convince them to shop from your ecommerce store. People feel comfortable buying something once they know others are buying it too.

Minimize Abandoned Carts

If your customers are abandoning their shopping carts then you are missing out on potential orders. These could be due to several reasons and is a common problem most ecommerce websites face. You should analyze the checking out process and try to remove any obstacles such as the shipping fees. You can offer a discount when they are leaving to convince them to buy what they have in their shopping cart. Most of the time people accidently close the website and which is why they lose their cart.


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